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Composing is...

The Window to the minds

Winnie Choy has written over twenty piece to date.  From her memory, she started composing when she was 17 and she wanted to come up with her own style.  Winnie likes many different styles of music, both classical and contemporary.  Although she still likes to write for the piano, she wants to try writing more for other instruments as well.  The following showcases a few of her other projects from her uni studies recently.  The following videos show her assignments from her 'Writing for screen' unit.  For both clips she had to produce the music to go with the scenes.  In the left video she used tracks from Garageband and layered them to suit the various scenes.  For the second video, she composed a music using Sibelius for the 'Bear Chasing' scene.  Winnie aspires to write more music for visual media of various types. 

And this is a video she did in iMovie for her piece 'Walking in Canberra' - not from her studies.