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Digital Download Purchase

 These pieces were performed at the QMTA Composer Presentation in February 2019. 

Instruction to purchase downloads

All sheet music can be purchased via Paypal.


1. Click the 'Buy' button for the sheet music you want to purchase.

2. Log into your Paypal account.  A page comes up with the detail about the product you are to purchase.  Click the Pay button.

3. Once transaction is successful, click the button to go back to the seller's website.

4. A 'Thank You' page will pop up showing a download link for you to download the sheet music in pdf format.

A Lost Princess screenshot.png

Title:  A Lost Princess

Background: About a princess alone  in a castle, observing the surroundings, and evoking a lot of thoughts.

Style:  Easy-listening

Level: Grade 4-5

Price: $15.00

Mischievous for piano screenshot.png

Title: Mischievous (for piano)

Background: About the innocence and natural beauty of children

Style: Cheerful, light-hearted

Level: Grade 4

Price: $15.00

Be Kind screenshot.png

Title: Be Kind

Background:  A piece for those living in despair and trying to find hope, and yet one finds the power from within to make a change for the better.

Style: Highly emotive

Level: Grade 4-5

Price: $15.00

On the Go screenshot.png

Title: On the Go

Background:  This one Winnie composed a long time ago, so it is a relatively 'simple' piece in structure.  It is about someone feeling a sudden surge in confidence and motivated.

Style: Lively and postiive

Level: Grade 3

Price: $15.00

Walking in Canberra screenshot.png

Title:  Walking in Canberra

Background:  This portrays Winnie's feeling about the environment in Canberra especially the nature.  The place brings her a lot of memories.

Style:  Easy-listening

Level: Grade 3-4

Price: 15.00

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