I am a piano teacher who loves to compose ... or should I say...I am a composer who loves to teach!  I truly believe being a composer helps me become a better teacher.  I started writing my own music since I was 17, and I have posted up both my older and newer pieces. (The compositions from my album 'A Touch of Innocence' are my older works.)  I have improved myself a lot personally and musically since being 17.  I'll be publishing some new music soon.  Will keep you posted soon!

I now provide online piano lessons until the time it's 'okay' to go back to 'face-to-face'. I am using Skype and Zoom at present.  This is the first time I teach online and interestingly, it found it quite fun to do!  I use different camera angles and I sometimes screen-share materials such as some interactive Powerpoint slides I created to share with my beginner students!  At the moment, I strive to provide the same kind of quality teaching as my 'face-to-face' teaching, but, of course, that can never beat seeing my students in my studio. On the other hand, I think online lessons can also be good for people who live further away from my studio and that gives them an extra option to save in travel time.  In the meantime though, if you have any questions about my online piano lessons, you can contact me via my email at winnie@winniechoy.com

Just go to the Composing Tab to listen to my works.  I have provided some free sheet music downloads for anyone interested to play my music to learn for fun or to improve your sight-reading skills in general!