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About me...

My greatest hobby is writing my own music.

I am a piano teacher who loves to compose ... or should I say...I am a composer who loves to teach!  But if I must choose between the two ... I would have to say composing 100%!  I started writing my own music since I was 17.  Now, being older and maybe 'wiser', I think have improved myself a lot personally and musically.  My composing is constantly evolving and lately, I have been exploring composing in different styles more rather than my usual ballad styles.  What is my usual topics in my compositions?  Well, they can be anything, like imaging some scenes, stories, dreams, aspirational places and moments, or just trying to express some deeper emotions.  It is like going into a kind-of 'warp zone' through a 'Stargate' hole and into a wonderful place of my own imaginations!   I have some new works and will present them soon.