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Winnie received her piano training predominately from Lorna who she remembers was strict, but yet full of love for her students.  Lorna gave Winnie very good classical piano trainings in postures and techniques, expressions, and music theory.  There are so many good memories of her lessons even though there were a lot of pressures preparing for exams.  Also, Winnie received further trainings from Jan who is another highly experienced piano teacher with a lot of performance experiences.  Since 2008, Winnie became a piano teacher working from her studio in Brisbane.  She has since taught students of different ages from primary schoolers to adults, and she has thoroughly enjoyed her job.  In Winnie's lessons, she uses classical training methods including some self-devised ways to inspire her pupils to learn.  She enjoys honing her skills with teaching and music in general such as completing her piano teaching diploma with AMEB and undertaking her music degree from which she gained further skills in music technology, recording and composing, to name a few.  

Winnie also enjoys composing music.  She has published her own works.

Winnie's Music Qualifications

Associate in Music Teaching diploma (AMEB)

Bachelor of Music - University of New England

The following outlines Winnie's music teaching philosophy.  For enquiries about Winnie's music tuition, please contact her by email at or use the Contact Form below.

"I believe all human beings have the ability to be musical (whether they are aware of them or not!). For those who want to understand this art further, it is my job as a piano teacher to thoughtfully plan a program to enable my pupils to understand the elements that make up music and to know how they are organised; and to learn the playing techniques to be able to create beautiful music on the piano." - Winnie Choy  


For a copy of Winnie's teaching policy, please click on the button.

Mountain Lake

"Winnie has taught my daughter Rosie piano for ten years.  In that time she has been kind, patient and flexible, responding to the needs and interests of Rosie.  She never put pressure on Rosie to do exams and has instilled a genuine love of the instrument in her.  Rosie has grown in confidence and creativity during her time with Winnie.  Winnie is gentle and encouraging and very proud of her students' achievements.  I highly recommend her as a piano teacher."

From Amanda, Dec 2018


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